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Dr. Juan Noveron is the Ralph & Kathleen Ponce de Leon Professor of Chemistry in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of Texas at El Paso. His research focuses on the development of advanced materials with applications in (1) water treatment and environmental sustainability, (2) clean energy and storage, and (3) medical localized therapeutics and prevention. We have a special emphasis in developing innovative low-cost solutions and methods that facilitate potential global deployment and utilization in low-resource areas. 


2023     Fulbright Scholar Award

2017     Member of the UTEP Academy of Distinguished Teachers

2015     Endowed with the Ralph & Kathleen Ponce de Leon Professorship

2015     Member of the UT System Academy of Distinguished Teachers

2014     Provost’s Faculty Fellow for the Office of Undergraduate Studies

2013     COURI Faculty Mentor with the Most Student Posters Presented

2009     UT Regents' Oustanding Teaching Award

2008     National Science Foundation, CAREER Grant Award

2006     National Science Foundation, Biocatalyst Grant Award

2006     American Chemical Society Petroleum Research Fund Grant Award

2005     Lizanell & Colbert Coldwell Foundation Grant Award

2005     University of Texas at El Paso Graduate Assembly Member

2005     Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory Research Fellow

2005     University of Texas at El Paso SEED Grant Award                            

2003     University of Texas at El Paso University Research URI Award

2003     Sigma Xi Scientific Research Society Fellow

2000     National Institute of Health Postdoctoral Research Fellowship

1998     Department of Education GAANN Research Fellowship

1998     University of California Santa Cruz Distinguished Service Award


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